Students Exchange Program to Taiwan

October 9, 2018 by : superadmin-ipief

Taiwan- Odd Semester 2018, the five of IPIEF students batch 2016 joined students exchange program to some univerties in Taiwan. The program will occur for one semester ahead at Asia University, Tamkang University, and National Cheng Kung University. Students who joined student exchange program are as follow: Hafsah Fajar Jati and Inas Latifah to Asia University, Dedy Tri Hermawan to Tamkang University, Shinintya Nur Filailly and Iman Agung Ramadhan to National Cheng Kung University.

In online interview on (1/10) Hafsah Fajar Jati stated that she was very happy to study at Asia University especially in the Department of Finance which is the 19th best Finance study program in the world. Course activities are not much different with IPIEF. The lecturers are so friendly. Students can communicate English clearly, one of them is able to say a few words in bahasa Indonesia. In one class, there are students from Indonesia, Mongolia, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Honduras. Hafsah also added "The most important, here we shouldn’t only talk like ‘everything is about Indonesia’ especially in Islamic economics concerns. Here we may have a wider view for learning globally, try to know the others either in personal and social”.

Dedy Tri Hermawan on online interview (2/10) stated his impression for almost a month feeling being a Tamkang University student. On his opinion, he felt culture shock in language, food and several lifestyles. For Muslims, they must strive to pray, especially when Friday prayers have to go 24 km with an hour to reach the Great Mosque of Taiwan, the capital of Taiwan. In the course activities almost the same as at IPIEF, the lecturers who teach are very senior. The different at Tamkang University there is a 2 week for trial school program. During the program students can try elective courses and if they are not suitable, students can drop or delete from the selected courses. In addition, Dedy also added "at Tamkang University I have gained a lot of experience of surviving in other country, getting many friends from various countries and backgrounds, knowing the state system that has advanced from various aspects and much more. The most important thing is not to be afraid to try something new with hard work and pray, "he closed.