Giving yourself a chance by fulfilling the right of body and mind to look out for a moment, breathing new air and be aware of the other facts that happen from the outside of window from your world is a wisdom to do. – Adra Sari, IPIEF Student batch 2015

“Go abroad!” yeah well, this two words are always motivate us since we passionate on that and our environment are supported to do that thing. That two words also delivered us to IPIEF UMY where it provide students to have possibility to do. Go abroad for studying, this is not just dream, we did it!

Having nice experience in abroad is one of our thankful to Allah for best one in my 2017, Adinda A. Rosyadha and I, Adra Sari, with four other friends had been chosen to be delegations from Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta to join exchange program for one semester credit transfer to USIM Malaysia 2017. This program is cooperation activity between faculty of economics and business of UMY and faculty of economics and mualamat USIM which is an annual agenda done by faculty to improve intellectual capability and soft skill of student. This activity is followed by selected participants after going through several tests such as administrative selection and interview.

We have started our journey from May to have any selections from faculty and we continue to proceed our documents needed for this program which related to Immigration, university partner, and another related institutions to get the legal pass to study abroad in Malaysia. Our journey was not smooth as well, we faced many obstacles on our way. Yet all those obstacles could not be passed without any good cooperation from our faculty and all people who had supported us.

On 14th Oct 2017, definitely our real journey has been started. We arrived in Malaysia with warm welcoming from Sekre FEM, a.k.a faculty student council or similar with Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa in Indonesia, and also staff from FEM. They helped us much to adapt in our new environment. We were picked up by university’s car to bring us to where we will stay during our study in USIM.  We stayed at Kolej Kediaman Acacia Avenue where this place is near with university. It gave us easier to do campus any activities.

Being an exchange student in Malaysia, learning a lot of new things.

People can think that Malaysia and Indonesia are not much different, but in fact the journey of one semester is a lot of open eyes and heart about new things and sides. Especially in terms of learning, in this country classroom learning is done with 2 different classes, one big class and the other is a tutorial class for discussion, presentation, and deepening understanding of lecture material. It was lucky to get a learning experience with this system, loved it very much.
Another new thing is the way of dressing, the students here wear a formal dress tie shirt and cloth pants for men, while women are also the same, but most use the “baju kurung melayu” everyday as clothing that is allowed to use. In terms of assignments, they usually get group and individual assignments to be collected at the pigeon hall near the lecturers' room. Students here are accustomed to do it simultaneously. Then, green environments and tall buildings that stand far apart make the eyes comfortable and the heart is calm when there. And finally, no less important, the habits and spirit of learning they have is high, arguably a once-oriented study. This spirit is exemplary by students in completing their responsibilities as students. Yet, while adapting to all new things must be without forgetting out the identity of our true self. Understanding and being well tolerated is a good thing to do.

Study abroad provides a great deal of valuable lessons. In fact, really enjoy every process, travel, and learning there. We have a lot of new knowledge, feel the new environment, the new system, and no less precious is we have many lovely friends there, full of love. Loved it so much!. For sure, we recommend whoever you to try and have more experience on it. If you have a dream for it, reach it! It will not be in vain because many priceless things you will get through it. As long as your dream does not have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again. Student Exchange Transfer Credit USIM 2018, Spirit! (Adra)


The following are some of the memories during the activity in USIM and we also have video documentary that will wrap out our typical day as exchange students of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia.

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