The Best Paper in Call for Paper Iqtishoduna 2019 Competition

October 20, 2019 by : superadmin-ipief

Call for Paper Iqtishoduna 2019 Competition was held by Himpunan Mahasiswa Ilmu Ekonomi Islam (HIMA EKIS) Faculty of Economic and Business Universitas Airlangga. In be held of this agenda, it discussed about how we could explore the idea and recent issue in economic field in order to increased and developed achievement of college student. One of the agenda was a delivery of scientific research such as paper and it was presented while the agenda was on going. The first, we had to collect the abstract and than full paper. Afterwards all the team would be selected and the judged selected 10 best team to had presentation session. 10 best team could join the agenda within Technical meeting, Presentation, Call for Paper, International Seminal, Gala Dinner and Field trip. This agenda was held for about 4 days on Mondat-Thursday 14th-17th October 2019. Alhamdulillah UMY team succeed and got 6th position.