Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang—IPIEF is always committed to improving the academic quality and that its programs are designed to achieve such a purpose. To assess whether the programs prove academically successful, it could possibly be seen from the outstanding achievement of the students.

Earlier this month, two IPIEF students, Sunan P Murpratomo and Della Kartikasari—both are from IPIEF 2016, had been declared as a Second Winner in national capital market competition which was organized by Capital Market Study Group (KSPM) Diponegoro, Universitas Diponegoro, called Diponegoro Capital Market Competition (DINAMIC), on 3-6 May 2018.

“There were several assessment processes all participants had to go though, encompassing selection of 15 best papers, 4 best papers and announcing final decision on the winners of this competition”, Sunan explained when asked about the selection process of this competition on (15/5).  He then pointed up every stage that they must pass through, saying: “At the first step, our paper which discussed in detail an investment analysis of selected company had carefully been examined by the members of jury and eventually been selected to be one out of 15 papers. Next, of 15 papers mentioned earlier, there were 4 selected papers only from which the winners of this competition would be determined”.

Their paper was aimed at extensively discussing the investment prospect of PT. PP Properti Persero Tbk based on broader perspective. Sunan outline that his team had adopted various perspective ranging from macroeconomics, industry and capital market to conduct an investment analysis on a given company, planning to draw a valid and obvious conclusion. “In the last step, we tried hard to compete against the other 3 paper authors to become first winner in this prestigious agenda, carrying out investment analysis from many perspectives. Only by doing this could we defeat our competitors”, he asserted.

In the final stage, Sunan and his team had outperformed the other formidable competitors from UMY (another team from similar alma mater) and Universitas MH Thamrin which won third and fourth winner, respectively. Finally, after completing laborious process, they emerged as a second winner of such a national level competition while the first winner was team from Universitas Indonesia.

“I was very pleased to know our team could eventually be the second winner beating our potential competitor from UMY and other universities. And I was also proud of my team as we were not potential candidate to win, yet finally we could gain a second winner in such a high level competition”, Sunan happily said. [Aw]