Step Up IPIEF 2018

November 19, 2018 by : superadmin-ipief

Yogyakarta - IPIEF student community held a leadership camp called "Step Up" for IPIEF students batch 2018. It held on last weekend, November 17th -18th  2018 in Pulesari Outbond Village, Turi, Sleman, Yogyakarta. On this event students of IPIEF batch 2017 has organized it. The event  look relaxed, interesting and exellent. It attended by IPIEF batch 2016 and 2015. Also attended the Director of IPIEF Dr.Dimas Bagus Wiranatakusuma and several lecturers and alumni of the IPIEF. The aim of Step UP are to build student solidarity.

On this occasion, Dr. Dimas Bagus Wiranatakusuma stated about detailed of IPIEF. After that, Ikhwan Victori IPIEF student batch 2014. He explained about student exchange program. He also participant Student Exchange program to SIAS International University, China 2017. Besides about student exchange, Adra Sari Student of IPIEF 2015 and also achievement student of UMY 2017. She explained about tips to be excellent student. The last materi is International KKN was explained by Rizaldy Muhammad Nusantara, IPIEF student 2015 was paricipated of KKN Australia 2017.

In addition presented with some material that will be used as a provision to IPIEF students 2018 in the future, therefore campfires and art performances also outbound on the morning and fun games for closing that event.