Yogyakarta—IPIEF has been committed to enhance the quality of its students in both academic and non-academic spaces, not only by encouraging the students to participate in academic competition but also by supporting them to take part in many agendas related to Islamic finance. Under such academic environment, there have been more IPIEF students involved and selected to be the winner in several competitions.

Recently, one of IPIEF students, Adra Sari, was declared the second winner, Best of the Best Category in the event called Road to Festival Ekonomi Syariah 2018 held by Bank Indonesia Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (DIY) on Sunday (22/4). This agenda was considered prestigious given the participants of this competition had come from various universities and institutions, reaching well above 20 participants.

Asked about the selection process to be Sharia Economics Ambassador on Thursday (26/4), Adra Sari explained, saying: “There were several processes that need to be completed by all participants in this agenda, which encompass every aspect from mastery of Islamic teaching to public speaking ability. First and foremost, the capability of participants in reciting Al-Qur’an was individually examined. Afterwards, we had also been asked about our knowledge as to whether we have a capability of explaining the foundation and recent development of Sharia Economics. The last step was to exhibit our ability to deliver some speeches regarding the Sharia economics”.

After going through the arduous assessment in such a tough competition, Adra Sari could outperform other participant from Universitas Negri Yogyakaarta (UNY), thereby attaining the second winner of the selection of Sharia Economics Ambassador. The first winner of this competition was the Postgraduate Alumni of Islamic Finance from Durham University, United Kingdom followed by UMY and UNY as a second and third winner, respectively.

“Honestly, I was amazed when the Committee called my name as a winner. However, it was such an honor for me to be selected as a second winner of this competition, which was hosted by Bank Indonesia, Yogyakarta. Hopefully, I could inspire others to support the enhancement of Sharia Economics in Indonesia”, said Adra. [Aw]