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why choose IPIEF

IPIEF is designed for the study period of 3-4 years. UMY has experienced in conducting international classes, such as in the Faculties of Political Science , Medicine and Law for several years. Student exchange organized with foreign universities, especially IIUM (Faculties of Medicine and Law), “Summer School of Tropical Medicine” for medical students of the European Universities. Those international program s not only create academic confidence for the students due to their mastery of the literature and ability in expressing their ideas in English, but also lead the English student debating team of UMY, which is largely composed of students of the international programs to be of the leading teams in Indonesia, with international experiences.

OUTSTANDING FACILITIES. summer course/student exchange program and/or attend short courses or 1-semester class at FE UNAIR (Surabaya) or KENMS IIUM (Kuala Lumpur) or SIAS University (China). visiting lecture. IPIEF supported by university partners, like Prof.Dr. Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Aslam Haneef, Prof. Dr. Azmi Omar, Prof. Dr. Andrew White and others. certificates the IPIEF students will obtain degree (S-1) and certificates as follows: S-1 degree from UMY; certificate of credit transfer from the FE UNAIR, KENMS IIUM and SIAS Univ; Diploma-1 certificate of proficiency in English from the Language Development Center (PPB) UMY. Certificate of Attendance of the short course in Shariah Banking Operation Program from Economics Faculty UMY; Certificate of the TOEFL-Like score from (PPB) UMY (free of charge). Alternatively, students may obtain the institutional TOEFL score at PPB UMY after passing the test, of which the material is sent directly from the US (charges for the exam materials will be paid by students).

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