International Program for Islamic Economics and Finance provides the best facilities for the students to get the international exposure. Class will be held in the new building of Graduate School which has good environment and facilities such as, audio, LCD, white board and full of air conditioner room. Students also get free access of many academics references particularly in Economics and Finance to the Library.


The library has an extensive collection of books, academic journals, and research documents that can support students to conduct cutting-edge research with comprehensive reference.


The indoor class is designed to be the best place for discussion between lecturers and students. The classroom is equipped with U-shaped table and other high-end facilities, enabling the student to intensively communicate and discuss about the recent development of Islamic banking and finance.


To support the sports activities of the students, UMY has provided futsal, tennis, basket, volley and badminton fields  within its green campus.  


The green places that can easily be found in this campus have encouraged the students to discuss the course materials outside the class. As such, the environment supports the learning activities by providing green open space.


Bank Indonesia Corner, often abbreviated as BI Corner, is of Central Bank initiatives to educate the people in general, and in this case, university students about how Central Bank performs its prominent role in the whole economy as well as to inform others of central banks policy. BI Corner is one of the special services library of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta established in collaboration with Bank Indonesia. BI Corner is located in the second floor of E2 Building Faculty of Economics and Business University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta that has various collections about economy and business.