Here we try to answer some of the most asked questions about IPIEF:

1. What is IPIEF?

IPIEF is the International Program for Islamic Economics and Finance, initiated by Dr. Masyhudi Muqorobin and was officially established in 2009, in collaboration with Department of Islamic Economics, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya.

2. What is its Vission and Mission?

IPIEF has a vision: towards a reputable international program on Islamic Economics, banking and finance in ASEAN by 2021. To achieve such a vision, it also has four missions, including internationalization, academic excellent, research core based, and empowering people.

3. Why must you join this program?

There have been rapidly growing financial institutions providing financial services based on Islamic Principle, such as Islamic banking, Islamic microfinance, and Islamic capital market which necessitate the considerable number of excellent and credible human resource to work in such Islamic financial institutions. IPIEF therefore offers numerous courses and practices necessary to prepare the next Islamic economist and bankers.

4. What are the basic requirement?

You can find out all information about requirement and scholarship offered for IPIEF students in the following sections.

5. How long does the program normally take place?

It takes 3-4 years duration of the study.

6. Is it expensive to study on this program?

As this program is aimed at promoting the Islamic economics in international level and was designed on the basis of internationally-standardized curricula, the tuition fee is affordable.

7. What are the benefits joining the program?

There are many benefit students of IPIEF will gain from joining this program: First, IPIEF students will be given an opportunity to study abroad at our university partners around the Globe; Second, there is a valuable opportunity for IPIEF students to conduct internship in Islamic banks or even Bank Indonesia; Third, IPIEF students will be involved in many international conferences conducted in foreign countries; Fourth, IPIEF students will obtain a high score in English proficiency at the end of the program, as proven later by the score of 550 in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); Fifth, there is a character building program through which IPIEF students are expected to retain impeccable character.

8. How are the prospective work after graduation?

There will be several careers to pursue after completing IPIEF program, those are: Islamic bankers, Researcher, Policy makers and Lecturer. You could see our alumni profile  Here.

9. What is the contact person?

If you need further information about his program, you might contact to +62 822-4303-4001, Instagram: @ipieffebumy or send Email to

International Mobility Programs

IPIEF provides an opportunity for all students to join Student Exchange Program to more than hundreds reputable-university partners in the world.

Student Exchange Program

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Registration Form

If you are interesting to enroll in this program, you could download and fill in the application form.

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